trenching and ridging device for walking tractor

trenching and ridging device for walking tractor

Model No.︰1KH—20

Brand Name︰LANGPAK

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

 MODEL:1KH—20                                                                                                                                            match power:above 10HP.                                                                                                                                   Ditch width:120-250(mm).                                                                                                                                 ditch depth:160~220(mm).                                                                                                                                Ditch topsoil thickness:≤20(mm).                                                                                                                  Pulverizer rate after ditching:≥55%.                                                  dimension:1200(1300)*600(700)*900(mm).                                                                                            Throwing soil ranges :≥2500(mm)

Trenching speed:19-42m/min
Ditching knife models and the number:8sets.                                                                                                Knife shaft speed:330~444r/min
The trencher is supporting walking tractor using the new farm machinery. The machine has a high production efficiency, easy to use features, the function of both the rotary tiller pulverizer, and trenching ridge of advantages. Trenching ridge is mainly used for dry land, especially for the entire stretch of operations of the vegetables, peanuts and other cash crops, loose plots, once the tiller, pulverizer, and trenching ridge, the whole plot jobs for wasteland or hard soil plots, the first for the pulverizer, and then ditching the ridge, the entire stretch of operations, by the majority of customers.

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